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The municipal school of Music

The school of music is a service provided by the commune of Plouzané. Thanks to twenty tutors, it allows children and well as older people of the area to learn how to play an instrument, and complete the first two courses of tuition.

14 instrumental courses are taught here: accordion, drums, bombard (a traditional wind instrument from Brittany), clarinet, recorder, flute, guitar, Celtic harp, organ, piano, saxophone, trumpet, violin, and viola. This is complemented by different ensemble activities: children's choir, municipal orchestra, flute, accordion, guitar, and saxophones ensembles...

But above all, the school aims to learn an instrument for your own pleasure or that of your listeners. Therefore auditions or concerts are often organised.


Madame Annie Trebaol, director

Ecole municipale de Musique
Centre Culturel
29280 Plouzané
Tel: 02 98 31 95 30

Inquires at the Cultural Centre: Wednesdays: 9h-10h and by appointment

Practical information:

Registration takes place between 17h00 and 19h00 :

  • for previous students, Thursday 6th and Friday 7th September,
  • for new instrumentalists, Monday 10th September,
  • for new students, Tuesday 11th September

Musical program

Concert of Ste Cécile

Auditions at the Cultural Centre

Concerts with the municipal orchestra

Civil Ceremonies